Proposal for 2/20 Afterparty

TIBURONES, Luz Elena Mendoza’s new band, and Houndstooth are playing at The Know on Feb 20th.

I can’t find Tiburones’ music, although there is a site for them here.

Houndstooth’s Bandcamp.

We would probably miss Scared Crow, and I don’t know anything about them.

My car fits three more people and I’m willing to carpool folks over.




  1. That looks like a good show.. I hope you get a few takers on it. I am going to stick with the le happy though because part of the idea is for people to have the opportunity to think and ask questions in a less formal environment. I will photograph the notes if there are any takers. Also how do we post?

  2. If you email me pictures or notes (or someone in the group does), I will post them. Thanks for the update. Also, I have yet to share the page with the whole class – I shall do that today. -SJ

    There are tables, btw, at The Know but it is smaller and will be louder.

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