Singer with the band

Tanya. And Patrick. !!!!!!

Stephen Hero

Here’s my fellow musician and friend Tanya Donelly giving out the hugs. She’s singing beautifully on my new song Golden. Out this Friday on Bandcamp only.


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The Museum of Glass was not where I expected to see this.

Artists Lili Maya and James Rouvelle are artists in residence this week. Glass is not their primary medium – Arduino and electronics are. On the table is an Arduino clone with an electric current sensor, detection from which changes the polarity of the electromagnet and causes the magnetic balls to move. The glass cups and jar are being replaced with small vessels made by the hot shop team under Maya/Rouvelle’s direction. I will post a link to the Museum of Glass’s video of their performance on Sunday 7/6, in which they are playing several larger glass pieces being made in the hot shop as musical instruments. More about the artists at


Class Review Spring 2014

What did I do wrong?

  • Tutorials pre class.
  • Syntax
  • Concepts vs whats going on. 
  • Translating the book.
  • Too much technical detail. (that may not be important/and is confusing)

What did I do that was right?

  • Example driven.
  • Full Kits and a bunch of tools.
  • Project Examples. (sugg.. more things in / visiting artists)
  • Emphasis in the art. 


  • Flow of electricity. (electronics)
  • Links to further resources. 
  • Better followup on the homework. 
  • More Mini Projects. 
  • Review (Helps)
  • More teamwork