Le Happy 2/13

Notes during the afterparty





Some notes and links:

Read: 2600

Listen: Busholini

Listen: Deelay Ceelay. Defunct and missed. Music still available at site.

Listen: 1939 Ensemble. Two guys and a lot of percussion.

Read: How to Build an Android. The true story of a bunch of AI and animatronics people making a robot Philip K. Dick.

Read: The Future Was Here A history of the Commodore Amiga. Remember the Warhol ad?

Read: You Are Not a Gadget.

(Not on paper: Read: Program or Be Programmed. Douglas Rushkoff, now with CodeAcademy, was with the ITP.

Sketch is based on picture hanging in the Crocodile, Seattle.
Smarties somehow got binary, I think. I was drinking a beer that was 10.2% alc.